• Jordan Prisby

Design, Design, Design... Adobe, that is.

In addition to starting at the SDC this summer, my schedule has been filled with three summer classes. The grind doesn't stop! This semester I was fortunate enough to take a digital illustration class with graphic designer, Deanna Sheean. During our class, we learned the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator as well as how to properly sketch ideas, how to create eye-catching designs, and the importance of color choices. From logos to characters to icons, I spent my whole summer creating!

For our second to last assignment, we were given the challenge of designing a t-shirt based off of a television show that used positive and negative space.

Now if you don't know, negative space in art is the space around and between the subjects of an image, and, when used properly, it can form interesting and lets

the objects of the design feel limitless.

In order to make the assignment a little sweeter, Deanna hosted a t-shirt voting competition, offering up to actually making the t-shirt of the student who was voted on to be the class favorite.

This semester not only did I win the t-shirt design competition, my icons were also chosen to be featured in the Fall 2020 showcase on campus. And, most importantly, I feel I have gained value design experience from this class that will carry me far in my career! (Shoutout to my awesome professor, Deanna Sheean for her amazing guidance throughout the semester)

Please check out my Design page for more of my designs!

"Design is intelligence made visible"

- Alina Wheeler

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